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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1500

Manipulative languageemotive language used to produce an emotional response basically you change the word and alter the way how people hear and feel neat vs anal retentiveused to convince people of some position without actually putting forward reasons for the position aborting fetusesmurdering babies Rhetorical Devices rhetoric is the study of the use of language Various forms of rhetoric can be exploited to psychologically manipulate ones audienceeuphemism the replacement of a negative term with a neutral or positive one to cover up the truthKilled by an allyfriendly firecrazymental Dysphemism opposite to euphemism replacing a positive term with a negative one to cover up truthiranIraq north korea axis of evilinheritance taxdeath tax Sarcasm using ridicule insults tauting and caustic irony to sway listenersusers call it humor who use itHyperbole uses exaggeration of over statement to distort factsDeception and Lying involves fooling someone through ones language or action lying is deliberating deceiving someone without theirconsent people lie 13 of the time only 18 lies are detected average person can determine a lie only 55 of the time skilled lie catchers can determine a lie 8095 of the time Answers for page 88 2 a Euphemism b HyperboleDysphemismc Euphemism d Double think ef Euphemism g
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