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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2320
Douglas Kong

Appendix 13mmA131 Equalvariances ttest of 210Hmm2100Hmm211Twotail F test F964 pvalue8538 use equalvariances ttestABC1tTest TwoSample Assuming Equal Variances23This Year3 Years Ago4Mean82910365Variance8138436Observations1001007Pooled Variance8288Hypothesized Mean Difference09df19810t Stat50911PTt onetail0000012t Critical onetail1652613PTt twotail0000014t Critical twotail19720t509 pvalue0 There is overwhelming evidence to conclude that there has been a decrease over the past three years ppA132 a ztest of case 121H pp0012H pp0112ABCDEzTest of the Difference Between Two Proportions Case 112Sample 1Sample 2z Stat2833Sample proportionPZz onetail0002440433602414Sample sizez Critical onetail16449511387AlphaPZz twotail000476005z Critical twotail196007z283 pvalue0024 There is enough evidence to infer that customers who see the ad are more likely to make a purchase than those who do not see the admmb Equalvariances ttest of 211190Hmm2100Hmm211Twotail F test F220 pvalue0577 use equalvariances ttestABC1tTest TwoSample Assuming Equal Variances23AdNo Ad4Mean973892015Variance62197283266Observations49217Pooled Variance522358Hypothesized Mean Difference09df6810t Stat09011PTt onetail0185312t Critical onetail1667613PTt twotail0370514t Critical twotail19955t90 pvalue1853 There is not enough evidence to infer that customers who see the ad and make a purchase spend more than those who do not see the ad and make a purchasec zestimator of pABCDEzEstimate of a Proportion12Sample proportionConfidence Interval Estimate304336Sample size04336009144113Confidence levelLower confidence limit034235095Upper confidence limit052506We estimate that between 3423 and 5250 of all customers who see the ad will make a purchasemd testimator of ABCDtEstimate Mean123Ad4Mean 97385Standard Deviation24946LCL90227UCL10455120
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