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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2320
Douglas Kong

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Chapter 771 a 0 1 2 b Yes we can identify the first value 0 the second 1 and so onc It is finite because the number of cars is finited The variable is discrete because it is countable72 a any value between 0 and several hundred milesb No because we cannot identify the second value or any other value larger than 0c No uncountable means infinited The variable is continuous73 a The values in cents are 0 1 2 b Yes because we can identify the first second etcc Yes it is finite because students cannot earn an infinite amount of moneyd Technically the variable is discrete74 a 0 1 2100b Yesc Yes there are 101 valuesd The variable is discrete because it is countable75 a No the sum of probabilities is not equal to 1b Yes because the probabilities lie between 0 and 1 and sum to 1c No because the probabilities do not sum to 176 Px16 for x1 2 3 4 5 and 677 a xPx012181015010121323791015013192379611015013743193871015011914771410150107652842101501028bi PX2P0P1P2012319374705ii PX2P3P4P5191076028295 iii PX4P4P507602810418778 a P2X5P2P3P4P5310340220080950PX5P6P7019001020PX4P0P1P2P3005025310340680xxPb b EX 0005102523104340 508060197001306622222mxPxcVX 03066005 1306602523066s310 2222 33066340430662205306608063066019 2 7306600111782s10851781s79 P0P1P2P10111091710 a PX0P2P6P83418b PX1P2P6P83418c PX2P2P6P83418d P2X5P23711a P3X6P3P4P5P60428 422195b PX6PX7P7P8020204c PX3PX2P0P1P20001016712 PLosing 6 in a row 01565713 a PX2P0P1054348b PX1P2P3312152188
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