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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2320
Michael Rochon

CHAP 10 :Estimation - 2 types of estimators: Point Estimator & Interval Estimator. - Estimation the population mean when variance is known: = ẍ ± [Z α/2 ./ √n] - Population standard deviation (∂) larger - the larger the confidence interval; The confidence level (1-α) larger - the larger the confidence interval. The sample size (n) increasing - decreases the confidence interval; if (n) = population size -> conf. level is single # 2 - Selecting sample size: n = [ (Z α/2. ∂)/B] B: b/w or within. N= 238.1 -> n = 239 (always round it up) CHAP 11 :Introduction to Hypothesis Testing - Prove sth does or doesn't exist. - Hypothesis: H :0the mull hypothesis; H : a1ternative hypothesis. - E.g: Hypothesis: Ho: u = 36; H : 1 < 36; Test Stat: z = (ẍ-M)/ (б/√n)=(34.25-36)/(8/√12)= -.76; Rejection: z < −z = −z. α 05 = -1.645; P-Value: P(Z < -.76) = .2236. Conclusion: Do Not Reject Ho. There is not enough evidence to infer that the average student spent less time than recommended. - Calculating the Probability of a type 2 error: type 1 (α); type 2 (calculating process) If type 2 error is judged too large, we can :increase α, or increasing sample size. CHAP 12: Inference about once Population Inference About a Population Mean - When ∂ unknown: s =[ ∑x -(∑x) /n]/(n-1); estimate: ẍ ± t s/√n α/2, n-1 Inference About a Population Variance - When ∂ known: c
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