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Lecture 6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

ADMS2400 JUNE.13 WEEK 6_Lecture 11 Leadership 1 Topic: Leadership  Learning Objectives What is Leadership? Leadership Theories  Leadership ► Leadership is the use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement. ► How can leaders be evaluated?  Leaders can be judged based on objective criteria, such as how well the unit performs (e.g., sales; return on investment)  Leaders can also be judged from the perspective of their followers, such as job satisfaction, absenteeism and retention of talented employees.  Leaders v. Managers  Leader Decision-Making Styles  Decision-Making Styles ► Autocratic style - the leader makes the decision alone without asking for the opinions or suggestions of the employees in the work unit. ► Consultative style - the leader presents the problem to individual employees or a group of employees, asking for their opinions and suggestions before ultimately making the decision him- or herself. ► Facilitative style - the leader presents the problem to a group of employees and seeks consensus on a solution, making sure that his or her own opinion receives no more weight than anyone else’s. ► Delegative style - the leader gives an individual employee or a group of employees the responsibility for making the decision within some set of specified boundary conditions.  Leadership Behaviours ► Initiating structure reflects the extent to which the leader defines and structures the roles of employees in pursuit of goal attainment. ► Consideration reflects the extent to which leaders create job relationships characterized by mutual trust, respect for employee ideas, and consideration of employee feelings. ► Initiating structure and consideration are in
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