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Lecture 2

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

ADMS2400 MAY.14 WEEK 2_Lecture 3 Perception & Individual Differences 1  Learning Objectives ► Personality ► Ability  Cognitive/Emotional/Physical ► Perception  Perceptual Biases  Attribution  Self Fulfilling Prophecies  What is Personality? ► Personality refers to the structures and propensities inside a person that explain his or her characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour ► Personality can be thought of as a ―unique‖ collection of specific traits  The Big Five  What is Ability? ► Ability refers to the relatively stable capabilities people have to perform a particular range of different but related activities ► Can be grouped into three general categories  Cognitive Ability  Emotional Ability  Physical Ability ADMS2400 MAY.14 WEEK 2_Lecture 3 Perception & Individual Differences 2  Cognitive Ability ► Cognitive abilities are capabilities related to the acquisition and application of knowledge in problem solving and decision making  Cognitive abilities are very relevant in the jobs most of you will be involved with  Emotional Ability (Emotional Intelligence) ► Self-awareness – the ability to recognize and understand the emotions in oneself ► Other awareness – the ability to recognize and understand the emotions that other people are feeling ► Emotion regulation – the ability to control one’s emotions and recover quickly from emotional experiences ► Use of emotions – the degree to which people can harness emotions and employ them to improve their chances of being successful in whatever they are seeking to do  What is perception? ► Definition: The process by which people select, organize (categorize), and interpret information.  Anatomy of Prejudice ► Stereotypes: beliefs that people who belong to certain groups possess
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