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Lecture 2

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

ADMS2400 MAY.16 WEEK 2_Lecture4 Communication in Organizations 1 TOPIC - Communication in Organizations  Learning Outcomes  The Communication Model  Verbal & Nonverbal Communication  Informal communication  Active Listening  Barriers to Effective Communication  Gender Differences in Communication  Cross Cultural Communication  Principles of constructive feedback  Communication  The process by which information is exchanged between a sender and a receiver  Communication Model  Verbal Communication ADMS2400 MAY.16 WEEK 2_Lecture4 Communication in Organizations 2  Nonverbal Communication  Informal Communication  Informal communication Communications that flow along social and relational ties  Rumors are messages that transmit information that is almost totally without any basis and is unverifiable  The grapevine refers to the pathways along which unofficial information travels  Active Listening  Postpone evaluation  Avoid interruption  Maintain interest  Empathize  Organize information  Respond  Barriers to Effective Communication  Perceptual errors 
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