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Lecture 4

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2400
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

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ADMS2400 MAY.30 WEEK 4_Lecture 7 Organizational Trust and Justice 1  Learning Outcomes  Understanding what is trust o Antecedents o Outcomes  Understanding what is Organizational Justice o Types of Organizational Justice o Outcomes  Integrative Exercise  Trust  Trust is defined as the willingness to be vulnerable to an authority based on positive expectations about the authority’s actions and intentions. o Person-based o Organization-based  Bases for Trust  Disposition-based trust means that your personality traits include a general propensity to trust others.  Cognition-based trust means that trust is rooted in a rational assessment of the authority’s trustworthiness.  Affect-based trust means that it depends on feelings toward the authority that go beyond any rational assessment.  Factors that Influence Trust Levels  Trustworthiness Trustworthiness is defined as the characteristics or attributes of a trustee that inspire trust. Include:  Competence is defined as the skills, abilities, and areas of expertise that enable an authority to be successful in some specific area.  Character is defined as the perception that the authority adheres to a set of values and principles that the trustor finds acceptable.  Benevolence is defined as the belief that the authority wants to do good for the trustor, apart from any selfish or profit-centered motives. ADMS2400 MAY.30 WEEK 4_Lecture 7 Organizational Trust and Justice 2  Affect-Based Trust  Often more emotional than rational.  Affect-based trust acts as a leap of faith in the face of uncertainty about trustworthiness.  Affect-based trust sometimes acts as a supplement to the types of trust discussed previously.  An emotional bond develops, and our feelings for the
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