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Lecture 6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

ADMS 2400 → Lecture 6 Oct 16 – Lecture 6 (Case: Livelife Health Care) The Communication Process  Noise (that got in the way to pass over the correct msg heard) o Lack of concentration o Experience/education concrete o Language/accents + o Background noise psychological o Mode of delivery noise factors o Gender o Expectations (what u heard is not what u were expecting) culture Communication  Process by which a person, group, or organization transmits information/message to other person, group, or organization  Involves sending and receiving information  Communication Process: o Encoding  Translating an idea into a form  Ex: written or spoken language  Ex: Writing an email o Decoding  Converting the message into the sender’s original idea o Feedback  Providing information back to sender about the impact of message o Noise  Is the name given to factors that distort the clarity of message  Channels of Communication o Various ways a message could be sent o Ex: email, talking over phone, etc. o 2 types of Communication  Formal Communication  Process of sharing official information with others who need to know it  Formal communication channels  Organization charts  Can be downward, upward, horizontal, and diagonal  Downward o Budget approvals o Announcements o Policies, strategies  Upward o Complaints o Budget requests o New ideas/suggestions for improvement o Reports (progress)  Horizontal o Projects  Diagonal o Job evaluations o Committees (Christmas planning committee) o Appeals  Informal Communication  Information shared without any formal restrictions  Also known as “Grapevine” communication (rumours)  Information flows quickly or generally transmitted orally/email  70% of the information is transmitted through grapevine  Pros of Grapevine o Fast o Managers can “get ideas out” o No “hardcopy” o Supplements information received formally o Signals that communication problems exist o Strengthens the corporate culture  stories o Relieves anxiety  Cons of Grapevine o “wrong” information  noise factors  may escalate anxiety o time wasted Changes due to Internet  Implications o More damage control  spreads fast + wide, both inside and outside of company  E-mail o Prevalent form of office communi
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