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Lecture 3

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

ADMS 2400 → Lecture 3 Sep 25 – Lecture 3 (Case: Flexible Packaging, 130) Job performance  Value of the set of behaviours that contribute either positively or negatively to organization’s goal accomplishment Task performance  Routine  Adaptive o Handling normal or unusual situations  Creative o New ideas Job analysis  To determine task performance  To determine pay level  To determine training required HR  To assess performance Related  To recruit/select new applicants  Job analysis  all jobs o HR analyst  interviews/surveys o HR talks to both employee and supervisor o Write a job description for each unique job  Companies perform job analysis for these reasons: o For new jobs o For changed jobs  Technology  MIA’s  Downsizing Task performance  Organizations citizenship o Goes above and beyond job requirements o Voluntary employee activities that may and may not be required  Two types of organizations citizenship: o Interpersonal citizenship  Assisting and supporting coworkers beyond normal task behaviours  Helping, courtesy, sportsmanship o Organizational citizenship  “Voice”  offer supportive ideas  civic virtue  participating  ex: United Way  representing the company in a positive way in public  boosterim: improving public perception or orgz. Counterproductive Behaviours  4 major ca
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