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Lecture 7

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

ADMS 2400 → Lecture 7 Oct 23 – Lecture 7 (Case: Returned Goods) Personality  Relatively stable pattern of behaviours  Consistent internal states  explain behaviour  External and internal aspects o External: observable o Internal: values, genetic traits Ways of explaining an employee’s personality/behaviour 1. Dispositional o We are disposed to behave in certain ways (stable) 2. Situational o Organizational factors affect our feelings and behaviours o Ex: wages affect job satisfaction 3. Employee’s behaviour is a function of two things: disposition and situation (work setting) 5 Factor Model of Personality  a cluster of behaviours which do 2 things: o explain why people behave as they do in organizations o predict life and job satisfaction  5 factors are as follows: 1. Conscientiousness  Hardworking  Organized  Dependable  Persevering 2. Extroversion vs. Introversion  Extroversion: the degree to which someone is assertive, sociable, outgoing, assumes leadership  Better as groups get smaller  Introversion  Better as groups get larger 3. Agreeableness  The degree to which someone is co-operative and warm 4. Emotional Stability  Secure, calm, and happy 5. Open to Experience  Creative, curious, and cultural  The more a person is compatible at each factor, the more happy and productive they will be at their jobs Two ways to classify people:  Type A o Organized o Assertive o Highly compatible o Time urgency o Rapid speech o (downside: stress, anxiety) o might be better at: working alone  Type B o Laid back o Relaxed Self Concepts  Self-monitoring o The extent to which we control the way we “present” to others o Sensitive to “cues” from others  Facial expressions  Body language o (HR, sales people might have high self-monitors)  Self-efficacy o One’s belief in one’s ability to perform a taskself-confidence  Self-esteem o The extent to which people have negative or positive views about themselves Essential Personality Traits that will make you successful in life:  Locus of control o Belief about how much control we have over our lives o 2 aspects:  Internal locus of control  We believe that success in life depends on hard work and ability  (success depends on having a internal locus of control and emotional intelligence)  External locus of control
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