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Lecture 2

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

ADMS 2400 → Lecture 2 Sep 18 – Lecture 2 (Case: Portrait of a Canadian Advisor, 234) Perception  is a process of: o receiving information o which info to notice o we process and categorize (experience, beliefs, context) info o we interpret  the reality we see is “filtered” through an imperfect process  Perceptual Model Environmental Stimuli Seeing Hearing Smelling Tasting Selective Attention  Most stimuli is screened out Organizing and Interpreting Influences Attitudes and Behaviors  “Schemas” o Cognitive frameworks to help us organize information  What influences how we organize and interpret information? A. Selective attention 1. Size, novelty  characteristics of the object 2. Perceptual context 3. Characteristics of the perceiver  attitudes/expectations condition us to see things a certain way B. Categorical thinking  Putting people and things in categories  Stereotyping (ex: Asians are good at math, etc.) C. Halo Effect (Mental model)  one good action or characteristic defines the whole personality D. Projection (Mental model)  assigning your attitudes to others (ex: a workaholic boss who loves working late will expect other workers to work late, but the workers might have their own lives after work) E. Recency effect  A recent event might be the one that is recalled easily  Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Cycle o Our expectations abo
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