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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Kim Snow

ADMS 2400 WEDNESDAYWhat is perception y Process of interpreting ones environment Social perception is how we perceive and make sense of ourselves and others it also referred to as social cognitionReal Life Examples y Low morale y Resistance to change y Poor job fit y Lack of focus y Turnover Perception Four stage sequence1 Selective attention and comprehension we see what we want to see and what we are looking for Selective attention is basically based on the things you are selectively perceived then you put the person in a category you interpret the cues that you choose to pay attention to 2 Encoding and simplification once we pay attention to something in particular we need to know what that particular things means This is the interpretation and the simplification we tend to see things in our pre existing categoryThis means that those pre existing category is called schemata 3 Storage and retention long term memoryjudgments and decisions we should things from memory to make judgments Semantic memory general knowledge4 Retrieval and response People retrieve information from memory when they make judgments and decisions These judgments and decisions are based on either i the process of drawing oninterpreting and integrating categoricalinformation stored in long term memory The movieCrash Analysis from the four stage model y Selective attention general Ryan was looking or thinking from his memoryy Ryanstimulihe stopped the car because what was salient was that he thought a white woman going down on a black many Ryan is looking more at the negative sidey Ryan payed attention to those two in the van since he was projecting his frustration and he was projecting that he saw a black man richEncoding simplification y Ryan categorized those two black people in a category where the black people are just thugs and criminal y Ryanracial profiled the two black people since those two black people dont go into the polices mind because only people to drive that expensive car are the white people Moodwhen Ryan was in bad mood because of the black woman he just exploded on the two nice black people Mood reflecting the decisions a person making Perceptual and attribution errors Halo errora rater forms an overall impression about an object and then uses that impression to bias ratings about the objectIs one characteristics or the label gives you a general perception about some one or somebody Examplesrefusing to believe that ABBA played real rock and roll because their fans Leniency A personal characteristic that leads an individual to consist ently evaluate other people or objects in an extremely positive fashionThe tendency to let somebody off who ought to be behind bars if they committed a crime Central tendencyAvoiding all extreme judgments and rating people and objects as average or neutralMoreover there are feedbacks who get from their peers and the boss who keeps giving the impressionRecency error Tendency to generalize about a person based on the recent information you heard about them It is also a tendency to remember recent information If the recent information is negative the person or object is evaluated negatively
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