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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2500
Lykke Dela Cour

APADMS 2511MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Session 1 Information systems and the modern organizationSlide 1WelcomeWelcome to ADMS 2511 Management Information SystemsThis is Session 1 of the Internet version of this courseHere you meet me one of your course developers and find out how the course is organizedMy name is Ingrid Splettstoesser but you may call me IngridWith the help of a team listed on the last slide of this session I have developed these course materials As the spokesperson you will be hearing my voice in all of the sessions To connect with your Course Director refer to the Orientation Document that comes with this courseIt should be at the top of the web site that you are using to access these materials There will also be additional documents described in this Session and in the Orientation DocumentI hope that you enjoy the course Please pass any suggestions for improvement to your Course Director who will send them to meYour Course Director will be providing you regular broadcast announcements which will be available in the announcements section of your websiteSo please check the course website regularlySlide 2Why are information systems importantTo view these videos you can either click on the hot link or cut and paste the link to your browser if the hot link does not work The first video tells us about volumethat there were 33 billion users of the Internet in 2013 with some statistics about how these users accessed the Internet Could you conduct your daily activities without the Internet Does this make the Internet and systems like Google utilities rather than conveniences The header in this slide asks about information systems in general What types of systems do you use Banking machines to withdraw or deposit cash pointofsale systems to purchase products smartphones or laptops to access the Internet and work on your assignments If you have a part time job you may also be using business systems to enter transaction data and print reports Can you think of any aspect of a business which has not been not automatedThat is why information systems are so importantthey help us accomplish a variety of tasks for a variety of reasons The purpose of this course is to give you tools to assess those systems and to help select or improve them 1Our second video shows advanced combinations of hardware and software put together to create robots that can pick up regular devices respond to voice commands and potentially assist the elderly or those with illnesses that are degenerativefor example where someone cannot use their arms properly My first reaction when looking at these videos is sure this looks like a great idea but will there be fewer people in the lives of those using the robots My opinion is that information systems should be used to improve our quality of life not worsen it That is why we will also discuss ethical issues in this course to help you as future managers to have tools to decide what to do if you are faced with an ethical dilemma that involves information technologySlide 3Course StructureThis course has 11 learning Sessions plus a midterm and final exam Session weeks and dates for our exams are listed in the Course OutlineDepending upon how holidays fall during the term sometimes the midterm exam is after Session 5 while sometimes it is after Session 6 The dates and types of assignments also vary depending upon who is teaching the class It is important that you use the course outline as a reference document since it lists coverage for each sessionThe outline provides the due dates for your assignments and online quizzes and the midterm examination date time and locationIf you have not downloaded the course outline yet do so now and follow along during my discussion of the course Refer to your course Orientation Handout and your course web site for more information about the assignmentsEach session in the course outline lists what you need to do during that session to stay current in the courseFor example in session one you should read Chapter 1 from the text and complete the Session 1 multimedia lecture that is posted on our website Each Session also has practice questions and activities as well as videosFor maximum benefit complete the readings and the practice questions first or pause the lecture at the point stated then go through the multimedia lectureThe following material is available for each SessionAdobe Acrobat PDF files containing the PowerPoint overheads of the module printed six or two to a page in black and white or two to a page in colourYou will need version 9 or later of the Adobe PDF reader which you can download from their website wwwadobecomA Word document script containing the text of the lectures which is the voice component that accompanies the PowerPoint overheadsYou would print this Word document if you 2
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