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PROBLEM 1MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1 The selling price of a companys shares is determined by a The price the company decides upon b The book value of the companys net assets c The market2 The Retained Earnings account for a profitable growing company that has been in business for several decades is unlikely to be of much value for predicting future dividend declarations a True b False 3 A certain corporation retained almost all of its earnings only rarely paying a cash dividend If some of the shareholders objected the president might make the following true statements in reply a Why do you want cash dividends You would just have to go to the trouble of reinvesting themb The share price of your shares is likely to increase since the equity in the firm is larger if dividends are not declaredc Both of the above 4 The shareholder who receives a cash dividend has a Sold a portion of his investment in the company b Had converted a portion of his inves
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