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Ch. 4 in-class exercises worksheets.xlsx

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2510
Alison Beavis

EXERCISE4-2 First department Percent completed Units Materials Conversion Work in process, beginning Started into production Completed & transferred out Work in process, ending Units to Account for: Units Accounted for: Beg. Inventory Tranferred out Started Ending Inv . Equivalent Units of Production Number of % Completed During Units Oct Materials Conversion Transferred to next department Ending work in process: Materials Conversion Equivalent units of production EXERCISE 4-3 Costs: Materials Labour Overhead Conversion Work in process, beginning Costs added during June Part 2 Costs per Equivalent Unit Materials Conversion Total Cost of beginning work in process Cost added during the period Total cost to be accounted for Equivalent units Cost per equivalent unit EXERCISE 4-4 Prep Department Materials Conversion Total Equivalent units of production in endin
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