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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Hila Cohen

Chapter 6 and 7 Practice Question: Lovely Hands Company (LHC) Lovely Hands Company (LHC) is a jewelry store that specializes in diamond rings, Rolex watches and precious stone ornaments, such as diamond earrings. LHC’s products start at $500 and go upwards to a few high end items that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The in- store jeweler, a master craftsman, designs products for his customers, and is world-renowned for his original designs. LHC is considering embedding tiny RFID chips, called the Memory Spot, on the inside of each jewelry item in inconspicuous locations. At a size only slightly larger than the tip of a pencil, the Memory Spot can easily be placed upon products in places where they are difficult to remove without the proper tools. The jeweler would be responsible for embedding and removing these chips. For low-end products (those that sell for less than $2,000), the chips would be permanently installed, while for high-end products they would be removed after customer payment by the jeweler, at the option of the customer. The Memory Spot does not require a power source, as it uses power from the magnetic field generated by the wireless sensor network or by some wireless devices. The Memory Spot will contain information such as the materials present in the item (e.g. gold, platinum, emerald
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