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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

Siya Khanna Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 BOH4M1 Corporate Challenge 2 - Organizational Structure Analysis Assignment Eddie Bauer is an innovative and prominent company that provides high quality outerwear for the public. The organization has been operating for approximately 93 years now and is known in particular for the legendary customer service they provide to their consumers. Eddie Bauer has many locations across the globe and their success is due to the effective communication within their company. As mentioned in our presentation, Eddie Bauer is a product divisional organization. The organizational structure of a company is a system of tasks, workflows, reporting, relationships and communication channels that link together diverse individuals and groups. A production divisional structure on the other hand groups together jobs and activities focused on a single product or service. The product divisional organization allows Eddie Bauer to clearly identify costs, profits, problems, and success in the market area. Eddie Bauer's organizational structure consists of 3 main product lines (the original Eddie Bauer clothing line, the First Ascent line, and the Baby by Eddie Bauer). These 3 product lines then further break down into their own departments in marketing, finance, and manufacturing departments. This structure encompasses people with all different strengths and weaknesses through the various departments working for the success of each product line, and comes together to make a strong and effective team. A successful organizational structure must allow for good communication and coordination between employees, and that is what I believe Eddie Bauer has accomplished. The strengths of their structure include their improved coordination within product divisions and more flexibility in responding to changes affecting the business. This allows them to effectively and efficiently operate to the best of their ability, and better train their employees to be knowledgeable about the company, company goals, as well as products. The more the employees know about the products their company offers, the better they are able to sell them to others and increase sales as well as produce better quality products. However some weaknesses are that there is competition and poor coordination across the product divisions of
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