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ADMS 2511

Chapter 12-Information Systems 12.3-Database Management Systems Chapter 12.3: Data Bases • Database: Astructured set of data. • Database Management System: (DBMS)Acombination of software and data, including: o Physical database: a collection of files that contain the data. o Database engine: software that supports access to and modification of the database contents. o Database schema: a specification of the logical structure of the data stored in the database. • Specialized database languages allow the user to: o specify the structure of data; o add, modify, and delete data; o query the database to retrieve specific stored data • Database schema provides the logical view of the data in the database • The Relational Model o Adatabase model in which data and relationships among them are organized into tables  Atable is a collection of records  Arecord (or object/entity) is a collection of related fields that make up a single database entry • rows  Each field (or attribute) contains a single data value • Columns o Key one or more fields of a database record that uniquely identifies it among all other records in the table • Relationships o Records represent individual database objects o Fields of a record are attributes of these objects  Shows example of customer and movie relationship in a new table • Certain info is omitted b.c you can find it in the original table • Table is constantly updated w/ returns and rents of movies o Also can add new customers • Structured Query Language o Acomprehensive database language for managing relational database  Includes statements that specify database schemas as well as statements that add, modify, and delete database content o SQL is not case sensitive  Keywords, table names,
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