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ADMS 2511

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511

AKADMS 2511Management Information SystemsPractice Midterm Covering Sessions 1 to 4 Units 1 to 4 in the Internet SectionQuestion 2 Greenville HospitalAFor each of the following information system types provide a definition and an example system explaining how the example system could be used by Greenville HospitalNote that definitions need to contain the principle ideas associated with the system type Some definitions require multiple concepts to obtain full marks Normally part marks such asmarks are NOT awarded TPSTransaction Processing SystemDefinition 1 marktext page 42 Transaction Processing Systems support the monitoring collection storage and processing of data from the organizations basic business transactions each of which generates data1 markexample loosely tied to Greenville hospitalthree possible examples shown billing system to bill patients produce invoices or send invoices to provincial healthcare system payroll system to pay employees calculate pay and issue cheques accounts payable to pay suppliers issue cheques for goods purchasedDSSDecision Support SystemDefinition 1 marktext page 45 Decision Support SystemsProvides access to data and analysis tools such aswhat if analysis and simulations1 markexample loosely tied to Greenville hospitaltwo possible examples shown analysis of costing alternatives for developing a new wingbuilding considering various interest rates looking at alternative suppliers costs to decide who should replace the beds hospital materials1
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