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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

Chapter 11Management is a process by which an organization achieves its goals through the use of resources people money energy materials information space and time These resources are considered inputs Achieving the organizations goals is the output of the process Managers oversee this process in an attempt to optimize it A managers success is often measured by the ratio between inputs and outputs for which he or she is responsible This ratio is an indication of the organizations productivity Managers role All managers have three basic roles according to Canadian academic Henry MintzbergoInterpersonal roles figurehead leader liaisonoInformational roles monitor disseminator spokesperson analyzeroDecisional roles entrepreneur disturbance handler resource allocator negotiatorEarly system supported informational roles Newer systems now support all three roles A decision refers to a choice that individuals and groups make among two or more alternatives oHerbert Simon inn 1977 described the process composed of three phasesIntelligence phase managers examine a situation and identify and define the problemDesign construct a model that simplifies the problemChoice selected a solution which is tested on paper oImplementation is successful if the proposed solution actually resolves the problemManagers require information to make decisions but decisionmaking is becoming difficult bcoThe number of alternatives is constantly increasing oMost decisions must be made under time pressure
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