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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

ADMS 2511 chapter 12 Information technology project management projects are shorter efforts to create a specific businessrelated outcome These outcomes may take the form of products or services IS project management is a directed effort to plan organize and manage resources to bring about the successful achievement of specific IS goals All projects whether they are IS projects or not are constrained by the same three factors known as the triple constraints of project management time cost and score Time refers to the window of opportunity in which a project must be completed to provide a benefit to the organization Cost is the actual amount of resources including cash and labour that an organization can commit to completing a project Finally score refers to the processes that ensure that the project includes all the work required an only the work required to complete the project successfullyThe project management processinitiation planning execution monitoring and control completionProject initiation first phase is to clearly define the problem project is intended to solve goals it is to achieve identify and secure resources analyze costs and benefitsProject planning every objective must identified and sequenced sequenced using diagrams like PERT and Gantt charts length of each activity is determined Project execution work is executedProject monitoring purpose here is to determine whether the project is progressing as planned Consists of three steps o Monitoring ongoing project activities o Comparing project variables cost effort resources etc with the actual plan o Identifying corrective actions Project completionProject failure only 29 finish on time while between 3040 are runaway projects far over budget or past deadline Reasons whyLack of sufficient planning at start of projectDifficulties with technologiesLack of commitment by management in providing the necessary resourcesPoorly defined project scopeLack of sufficient time to complete the projectEvaluating and justifying IT investment after checking costs and benefits one does a costbenefit analysis by comparing the twoCosts one of the major challenges that companies face is to allocate fixed costs among different IT projects like infrastructure cost cost of It services and management cost Maintaining debugging and improving the systems can accumulate Any changes in taxes need changes as well Benefits benefits are hard to quality because of their intangibility The technology can be cutting edge Plus the technology must be implemented successfully within restraints to be enjoyed
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