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ADMS 2511

Spywares Any software that surreptitiously gathers user information through the users Internet connection without his or her knowledge usually for advertising purposes is known as spyware Spyware applications are normally packed as secret element of freeware or shareware programs which are downloaded from the Internet After getting installed the spyware observes users activity on the Internet and then transfers that information to someone else Spyware can also collect information about email addresses even passwords and credit card numbers and other personal information Difference between Spywares and VirusesViruses try to spread but spyware tries to stay positioned Spyware inserts itself severely into critical components of users OS and expand usermemory with its monitoring and collection process But virus activities are obvious and sufficiently general in their quick activitiesSpyware activities are typically hidden and their infestations are often long lasting where virus try to attract user attentionViruses can be deliberately damaging and erase or corrupt file systems But spyware is more motivated to keep the OS remain healthy so that user cant tress them easilyI would like to purchase Laptop 1 because of the following reasons and facilitiesIntel Core i5 430M 226Ghz processor offers 226 GHz clock speed where laptop 2 offers only 2700 MHz Intels memory size memory bandwidth are better It also contains integrated graphics HD Gr
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