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Hila Cohen

Advantages of Crowdsourcing There is no doubt that crowdsourcing has become very popular, and there must be a reason for this. In fact, there are numerous advantages but with only three listed below, it still becomes clear just what this business model has to offer.  Numerous ideas from numerous people: A large pool of participants leads to more ideas, which makes it likely that among the flood of ideas there are some especially smart ones.  Cheap: Similar to outsourcing, crowdsourcing is used to cut costs. When you don't have to employ people and pay them a wage, whether they are working or not, it definitely lowers costs.  Fast: Basically, if you use crowdsourcing to get a job done, it will take less time to find the right person to do the job — in fact it could be almost immediately. The pool of potential pros for the job is large, and chances are that somebody will be available right away. Disadvantages of Crowdsourcing In addition to its advantages, crowdsourcing certainly has a downside as well. Here are three of them.  Quality could be questionable: When you hire numerous people to do a job, it could easily lead to lack of consistency, even if they are pros. If you aren't lucky enough to hire the professionals, then what you might get could make your worst nightmares pale by comparison.  An unreliable way to get a job done: Since often crowdsourcing is done on a ―Best effort‖ basis, you can't count on the fact that you will automatically get what you need, when you need it. If quality and deadlines are not of paramount importance for a particular task, then these two disadvantages are no issues for you.  Confidentiality: The fact that you post
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