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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Hila Cohen

Chapter 3 Ethics Privacy and information securityEthics The principles of right and wrong that individuals use to make choices to guide their behaviours Code of ethics A collection of principles that are intended to guide decision making by members of an organization Fundamentals of ethicsResponsibility The acceptance of the consequences of ones decisions and actionsAccountability The taking of responsibility for actions that were takenLiability The legal right that individuals have to recover the damages done to them by other individuals organizations or systems something that is unethical is not necessarily illegalIT ethical issuesPrivacy issues involves collecting storing and disseminating information about individuals What information about oneself should an individual be required to reveal to others What kind of surveillance can an employer use on its employees What type of personal information can people keep to themselves and not be forced to reval to others Accuracy issues involves the authenticity integrity and accuracy of information that is collected and processed Who is reponsbile for authenticity integrity and accuracy of information collected How can we ensure that the information will be processed properly and presented accurately to users How can we ensure that errors in databases data transmission and data processing are accidental and not intentional Property issues involve the ownership and value of information Who owns the information What are the just an fair prices for its exchange How should one handle software piracyAccessibility issues revolve around who should access to information and whether they should have to pay for this accessWho is allowed to access information How much should companies charge for permitting accessibility to information How can accessibility to computer be provided for employee with disabilitiesProtecting PrivacyIs the right to be left alone and to be free of unreasonable personal intrusionsCourt follows two rules when it comes to privacyThe right to privacy is not absolute Privacy must be balanced against the needs of society The publics right to know supersedes the individuals right to privacyDigital dossier An electronic description of a user and his or her habits Profiling The process of compiling a digital dossier on a person Data Aggregators such as LexisNexis and Acxiom Corporation are examples of profilers and Statistics CanadaElectronic Surveillance Monitoring or tracking peoples activities with the aid of computers Many organization monitor employee internet useUse software to block inappropriatewebsitesPrivacy Policies or Privacy codes An organizations guidelines with respect to protecting the privacy of customers clients and employees Optout model A model of informed consent that permits a company to collect personal information until the customer specifically requests that the data not be collected Privacy advocates prefer Optin model A model of informed consent in which a business is prohibited from collecting any personal information unless the customer specifically authorizes it Canadas privacy legislations is called the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act PIEPDAPrivacy Policy Guidelines Data Collection Data should be collected for purpose of accomplishing legitimate business objective Data should be adequate relevant not excessive in relation to business objective
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