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ADMS 2600
Yong Troy

Jobs can be design so as the best contribute the objective in the organization and the same time satisfied the need of employees. The duty and responsibilities present in job , influence in employees productivity , satisfaction and also remain their organiza- tion. Job Analysis : Value of job analysis which defines clearly, precisely requirement each job . Job analysis is process of training information about job by determing duties, task, or other activities of job . -- what requirement of anyone that particular its not bout person rather than focus on job . often time its call corner stone of HR because its serve so many fuction. For instent job analysis will inform what fastes performance are, compensation, appraisals and it also help interview question so that we can select people for job who can perform job well . so job analysis involves systematically investigating job so result is normally list to 20 to 30 job task sort job activities and Hr managers use this job description and job specifi- cation . Job analysis is concern with objective and varyfing information about the actual requirement of job. Job data can be obtain in several ways . Process of job Analysis - sources of data --- where did you get data from . you could data from job analyst , emplyee or suprvisor also you can add onto colleague or anyone who hold the partic- ular job Methods of collecting data- interview people and ask them about their job , ques- tionnaries, observe so just going and sit beside someone of the desk and watch them what tey doing and take notes , look at their records to see what else they do and also look at the O*NET so here list of occupation in the internet that give job description each one,collect by government . So Source of data and methods of collecting data is fit into JOB DATA. Job data: task carrying , performance standerds, responsibilities, knowledge re- quirment of the job , skills that required, experience that needed , job context , job duities that carried out and equipment that used in this job With those job data we develop two sort of documents or two pieces of information . One is Job description and other is job specifications Job Description : task, duties and responsibilities Job Specification: its more about the person - skill requirement , physical demands, knowledge requirements and abilities that they needed . Job Description and Job specification fit into Human resources Function : when do the recruitment we use the combination of job description and job specification.its inform your recruitment asset , it also help with selection or inform selection because then we know what should we selecting for so we know job has to do task and duties so we will know in selecting part who can do task and duties but if you don't have the job descrip- tion then we would not know what to select for . For the compensation we need to know how to vaulting , what aspect we should evaluating and what aspect we should be com- pensating . when it come with training and developing often time arise we see it differ- ence between what is employee doing and what they are job description says what should they do. so if their is any gap there that employee is not able to fill their require duties that some time we need to put employee training that they are able to perform at in adequate level . Methods Of job Analysis Position Analysis Questionnaire: its a quantifiable data collection method covering 194 different worker-oriented tasks. using five point scale , the PAQ seeks to determine the degree, if any, to which the different tasks, or job elements, are involved in perform- ing a particular job. Task Inventory Analysis: task Inventory Analysis is almost identical to position Ques- tionnaire but its organization specific. so instant position analysis Questionnaire proba- bly ask them like how much do you have to lift , how much do you carry in you job . if your company like KPMG, you wouldn't be ask this question . Question are more specif- ic and direct that type of employee that have working there. Competency Based Analysis: Traditional approach to job analysis . it assume that static job environment in which jobs remain
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