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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Ron Alexandrowich

Ch. 6 Matching People and Jobs Selection: the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill existing or projected job openings Selection Considerations: Person-job fit- job analysis identifies required individual competencies (KSAOs) for job success Person-organization fit: the degree to which individuals are matched to the culture and values of the organization Fit to the boss: working comfortably with your bosses or managers The Selection Process Obtaining Reliable and Valid Information - Reliability -The degree to which interviews, tests, and other selection procedures yield comparable data over time and alternative measures. Approaches to Validation Criterion-related Validity The extent to which a selection tool predicts, or significantly correlates with, important elements of work behaviour. - A high score indicates high job performance potential; a low score is predictive of low job performance. - Concurrent Validity The extent to which test scores (or other predictor information) match criterion data obtained at about the same time from current employees. - High or low test scores for employees match their respective job performance. Predictive Validity - The extent to which applicants’ test scores match criterion data obtained from those applicants/ employees after they have been on the job for some indefinite period. - A high or low test score at hiring predicts high or low job performance at a point in time after hiring. Validity (or Correlation) Coefficient A number ranging from 0.00, denoting a complete absence of relationship, to 1.00 and to -1.00, indicating a perfect positive and perfect negative relationship, respectively Cross-validation Verifying the results obtained from a validation study by administering a test or test battery to a different sample (drawn from the same population). Validity generalization The extent to which validity coefficients can be generalized across situations. Content validity The extent to which a selection instrument, such as a test, adequately samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular job. -Example: typing tests, driver’s license examinations Construct validity The extent to which a selection tool measures a theoretical construct or trait. Are difficult to validate -Example: creative arts tests, honesty tests Application Forms Online Applications An Internet-based automated posting, application, and tracking process helps firms to more quickly fill positions by: - Attracting a broader and more diverse applicant pool - Collecting and mining résumés with keyword searches to identify qualified candidates - Conducting screening tests online - Reducing recruiting costs significantly Biographical Information Blanks - Includes issues about family life, hobbies, club memberships, sales experience, and investments - i.e. What age did you leave home? Where sports a big part of your childhood? Background Checks Checking References - mail and telephone checks Letters of Reference - teachers, employers, friends Polygraph Tests – lie detector test Graphology – the use of a sample of an applicant’s handwriting to make an employment decision Employment Test - An objective and standardized measure of a sample of behaviour that is used to gauge a person’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) in relation to other individuals. Cognitive Ability Tests Aptitude Tests – measures a person’s capacity to acquire new skills Achievement Tests – measures what a person knows and can do right now Personality and Interest Inve
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