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Lecture 3

Week 2 - Lecture 3 Notes

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

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Week 2 – Lecture 3 – June 28, 2011 ○ having relationship at workplace;  impartiality Ch. 4 – Job analysis, employee involvement, and flexible work schedules – mangers need to decide how to divide job among staff – position is the different duties and responsibilities performed by only one employee; position assigned to 1 employee ○ payable clerk – job requirements;  statement of needed knowledge and skills of the person who’s doing the job ○ job description;  describes exactly what're the tasks the person required to perform ○ recruitment; ○ selection; ○ performance appraisal; ○ training and development;  basis for determining staff’s rate of pay – job analysis; ○ activity will be concluded successfully ○ cornerstone of HRM because the information it collects serves many HR functions ○ Improve organization’s performance and productivity ○ Begins with sources of data; collect data by job analysis, interview employee or supervisor; method collect through interviews, questionnaires, records, observations, etc.; ○ Job description; will support recruitment, selection, training and development, appraisal, and compensation management – How to perform job analysis? ○ Determine type of data u need ○ Interviews, develop questionnaires, observe, review diaries, records, etc. ○ Arrive at job analysis report ○ In theory, could be inaccuracy about information gathered ○ Put control mechanism in place ○ All important facts are included; ○ Self-reporting exaggeration ○ Capture all important job information – Approaches to job analysis;  position ; • determine degree to which different tasks involved in doing particular job  task inventory; • job-oriented type of job analysis • technique developed by identifying tasks; goal to produce comprehensive list of task statements applicable to job • relies on building job profiles that look at worker's competency • job profilelooks at responsibilities and competencies • job tasks are identified critical for the critical job success • txt p145; examples • teaches analyst to focus on employee behaviour critical to success of job ○ Many programs do job analysis – Preparing job description; ○ Can write own description based on particular need  job title;  detailing job duties; ○ txt p148; example of job description for HR assistant ○ accurate; reflect job itself, duties within job – job identification section; ○ person to whom job holder report ○ should be current to be effective ○ # of employees in the department where job located – job duties/essential function section; ○ limited number of employees available to perform – job specification section; ○ education, experience, personal ability, etc. – problems with job description; ○ Not enough details describing position
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