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Chapter 6 Notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 6Employee SelectionHiring the best and brightest employees lays a strong foundation for excellenceMatching People and JobsSelectionthe process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill existing or projected job openingsThe goal of selection is to maximize hits and avoid missesThose who are selecting should have adequate information upon which to base their decisionsthe jobs to be filled knowledge of how many applicants and as much info About the applicants as neededPersonJob Fit Beginning with Job AnalysisJob specifications help identify the individual competencies employees needs for success that lead to superior performanceBy identifying competencies KSAOs through job analysis managers use selection methods interviews references tests to measure applicant KSAO against the competencies required for the jobpersonjob fitStudies show that those whose KSAOs are well matched to the jobs they are hired for perform better and are more satisfiedPersonOrganization FitSome organizations take a priority on finding individuals that meet broader organizational requirementslike those who match the values and culture of the organizationManagers will pass up employees if they dont embrace the values of the organization even if they have amazing technical skills required for the jobThe Selection ProcessSelection is an ongoing processPeople leave so theres always vacancies to be filled from inside or outside the organizationCommon to have a waiting list of applicantsSteps in the selection process vary on each company and the type and level of jobs to be filledObtaining Reliable and Valid InformationReliabilitythe degree to which interviews tests and other selection procedures yield comparable data over time and alternative measuresInterrater reliabilityagreement between two or more ratersis one measure of methods consistencyValiditythe degree to which a test or selection procedures measures a persons attributesAn indicator of the extent to which data from a procedure are predictive of job performanceTwo reasons for validating a procedureoValidity is directly related to increases in employee productivityoEmployment equity regulations emphasize the importance of validity in selection proceduresThere are three approaches to validation criterionrelated validity content validity and construct validityCriterionRelated ValidityCriterionRelated validitythe extent to which a selection tool predicts or significantly correlates with important elements of work behaviouroIe in a sales job its common to use sales figures as a basis for comparisonTwo types of criterionrelated validityoConcurrent validitythe extent to which test scores match criterion data obtained at about the same time from current employeesoPredictive validitythe extent to which applicants test scores match criterion data obtained from those applicantsemployees after they have been on the job for some indefinite periodCrossvalidationverifying the results obtained from a validation study by administering a test or test battery to a different sample Drawn from the same populationCorrelational methods are used to determine the relationship between predictor information ie test scores and criterion dataScatterplotsThis method is preferred to other validation approaches because its based on empirical dataValidity generalizationthe extent to which validity coefficients can be generalized across situationsContent ValidityContent validitythe extent to which a selection instrument ie a test adequately samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular jobThe closer the content of the selection instrument is to actual work samplesbehaviourthe greater its content validityUsed to evaluate job knowledge and skill testsNot expression in correlational terms Construct Validity
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