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human resource management chapter 14.odt

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ADMS 2610
Monica Belcourt

Government regulation of labour relations: inter provinvial transportation and communications are under federal jurisdiction manufacturing and mining and provincial the industrial relations disputes, and investigation act:(1948): specified the right of workers to join unions to be certified as bargaining agents by a labour relations board , required management to recognize a certified union as the exclusive bargaining agent for a group of employees -unions and management needed to negotiate in good faith Canadian Labour Act : where the Canadian Labout relations Board was established to administer and enforce the code the labour relations process: employees can organize and bargain with the employer collectively why employees unionize : economic needs: dissatisfaction with wages, benefits, and working conditions appear to provide the strongest reasons to join a union dissatisfaction with management: when promotion is favoured in an unbiased manner social and leadership concerns : employees who feel their social affiliation are being frustrated may join unions organizing campaigns: employee tactics: employers are prohibited by law from dismissing, disciplining, or threatening employees for exercising their right to form a union unfair labour practices : employer and union illegal practices that operate to deny employees their rights and benefits under federal and provincial law union tactics:( unfair labour practices for unions) bargaining unit: two or more employees who share the same interests and conditions how employees become unionized : present documentation to the appropriate labour relations board for certification they must show they have received the minimum level of membership required by the labour relations board voluntary registration: all employees except quebec, may voluntarily recognize and accept a union regular certification: required evidence of minimal membership to the labour relations board representative vote of sizable minority prehearing votes: unfair labour practices during the organizing drive, a pre hearing vote may be taken establish the number of support among the workers if less than 50 percent of employees contract negotiation : once bargaining unit has been certified against the labour relations board, the employer and union must legally bargain in good faith minimum one year, and maximum three years desertification: legislation that allows for the decertification of unions under certain conditions impact of unionization on managers: because benefits and wages are higher in union organizations they can have an effect on the rights exercised by management in making decisions craft unions : iron workers industrial : postal workers teachers nurses , alberta teachers 1cental labour congress 2 international and national unions 3 local unions belonging to a parent national or int
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