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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Rebecca Jubis

Lecture: Rapid growth Largest population Different environment in the regions ASEAN: Association of South EastAsian nations 1. rapid growth Why rapid growth? (p11) High saving rates: China- 25% of GDP, US- 0.5% of GDP Demographic situation: high population in this region. Investment in education Different economic model: focus on Japan; later other Asian countries just follow the Japanese economic model. Role of state: good links with government. Corporate structure Corporate finance: different bank rules 2. Japan  Characteristics Historically isolated Environment of resource activity Led to a homogenous group with strong attitudes towards themselves and others  To secure resources and the desire to be accepted as equal by the world powers Japan began territorial expansion to otherAsian countries After WW2, it was shrunk back to its main landmass US had taken control of Japan Something happened that promoted US to grant Japan independence in 1952  Communism Communist victory in China Communist spreading across Europe Japan re- industrialized and by 1980s had the highest per-capita income in the world.  An important element in Asian business is business groups 3. Business groups: A collection of diversified firms that are formally and informally linked to each other, and under a central control. - Business houses in Indian - Chaebol in South Korea: sumsung, Hyundai, LG - Keiretsu in Japan: Mats
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