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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Rebecca Jubis

1Passing a New Law There are many different starting points for laws - the political agenda of the government, ministries seeing a problem developing, many citizens complaining about some aspect of daily life that is not functioning well (Travel problem example), industry representatives seeking change by the legislators concerning some aspect of their industry. All of these sources will have input to the final policy paper by the relevant ministry suggesting change, and that policy paper, if agreed to by the Cabinet (the ministers of the governing party and the Prime minister/premier and his or her deputy) will be put into statutory language and become a bill. In the Provincial Legislatures: First reading The bill is brought to the legislature by the Minister responsible for that kind of subject matter (e.g. The Health Minister for any health-related matter.) And placed on the table, with an explanation as to why it is being brought to the legislature. Copies are distributed and everyone can go and look at it. The other political parties will decide whether they will or will not support it. Second reading The legislature will vote on whether it thinks this kind of legislation is a good thing in principle. Usually, as with first reading, since the government party has a majority, it passes this vote. However, where there is a minority government, the government will have to et enough votes from some of the other parties to pass this vote. At this point, the bill goes into a committee which is charged with examining it, clause by clause. The committee consists of members of each party in the legislature in proportion to their numbers in the legislature. Most of the work is done by the Minister responsible for the bill, his/her Deputy Ministe
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