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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

LawApril22012Chapter 23Fee Simple you have land under your discretion you can sell it inherit it put it on your will if no one owns your land when you die the land goes to the crowndont talk about coops mineral riparian rights2 parties in an easement dominant tenement person who has right over somebodys land servient parcel of land to a right of wayeasement give service for someone to come on my landRestrictive covenant restriction on how you could use your land registered maintain property valueAdverse possession happens when you had an unobstructed lengthy time of possession of your neighbors property Ex Farm B built stone wall on Farm As property and has had no complaints for more than 10 years in this case he has adversely possessed farm As land and because farm A has been unobstructed hasnt noticed its theirs farm b can argue he has the extra 25 ft through adverse possession Encroachment minor in nature doesnt decrease property valueFixtures and chatels permamently attached to land or can be moved chatttels stove fixtures cant be moved Trade fixtures displays shelvesTitle to land 2 ways to own land1Joint tenant if A and B own land together and B died A would own all the land2Tenants in Common if A and B owned land if A died As estate would own the landIf left blank its defaulted to tenants in common theres probate fees to transfer the property to someone elsethats why people usually do joint te
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