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ADMS2610 notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

ADMS 2610 SECTION AELEMENTS OF LAW MIDTERM EXAMINATIONOCTOBER 27 2009 PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING IS A GUIDELINE ONLY OF SUBSTANTIVE ISSUES THAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN EXAM ANSWERSTHE WORDING IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF AN EXACT MODEL ANSWER AND IS TO BE USED AS A GUIDELINE TO THE EVALUATION OF EXAM RESPONSES 2ADMS 2610 SECTION AELEMENTS OF LAWMIDTERM EXAMINATION OCTOBER 27 2009 PART 1MULTIPLE CHOICE TOTAL 15 MARKSCIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER QUESTION 1The government of the province has introduced a bill into the legislature to make the recycling of household garbage mandatory Once it has passed third reading the next step is that it must beA sent to the relevant committee for clausebyclause study B given royal assent by the LieutenantGovernor C debated in principle by the members of the legislature D sent to the Senate for approval E amended and prepared for its final reading QUESTION 2 If it were decided to amend the Constitution to make ownership of property a right it would be necessary to have the agreement ofi at least twothirds of the provinces which together make up at least half of the population of Canada ii at least half of the provinces which together make up at least twothirds of the population of Canada iii more than half of the members of the federal Parliament iv at least twothirds of the members of the federal Parliament v all ten provincesA i B iii and iii CD ii and iv E iii and v
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