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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

ADMS 2610 SECTION AELEMENTS OF LAW MIDTERM EXAMINATIONOCTOBER 27 2009INSTRUCTIONS READ CAREFULLYNAME STUDENT NUMBER NUMBER OF QUESTIONS ANSWEREDCOURSEA ADMS 2610 ELEMENTS OF LAWPART 1 Tuesdays 7 pmCOURSE INSTRUCTOR LIANA LINGStudents will have TWO HOURS 30 MINUTES 25 HOURS to complete the examination and shall begin the examination when instructed to do so PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIGN AFTER THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTFAILURE TO SIGN WILL MEAN THAT YOUR EXAMINATION WILL NOT BE GRADED BY WRITING THE WITHIN MIDTERM EXAMINATION I HEREBY AGREE THAT AT ALL TIMES I SHALL COMPLY WITH AND BE BOUND BY THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY REGARDING ACADEMIC HONESTY INCLUDING THOSE RULES WHICH PROHIBIT CHEATING ANDOR IMPERSONATING A STUDENTSignature of student When you have completed the examination quietly provide the examination and the examination booklet to your proctorLIANA LINGC o u r s e I n s t r u c t o r 2ADMS 2610 SECTION AELEMENTS OF LAWMIDTERM EXAMINATION OCTOBER 27 2009 PART 1MULTIPLE CHOICE TOTAL 15 MARKSCIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWERQUESTION 1 The government of the province has introduced a bill into the legislature to make the recycling of household garbage mandatory Once it has passed third reading the next step is that it must beA sent to the relevant committee for clausebyclause study B given royal assent by the LieutenantGovernor C debated in principle by the members of the legislature D sent to the Senate for approval E amended and prepared for its final reading QUESTION 2 The professional under a contract implies promises to perform the services required in accordance with the standard for his or her profession and a failure to do so would constitute A a lack of fiduciary duty B a breach of contract C professional negligence D a lack of informed consent E a breach of solicitorclient privilege
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