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Robert Levine

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Midterm AssignmentELEMENTS OF LAW 2610 OCOURSE DIRECTOR PROF R LEBLANCWinter 2010DUE DATE 12 noon on Friday February 12 2010QUESTIONS Question 16 MarksAlbert responded to an advertisement placed by Claude in a local newspaper Claude was looking for business investments and Albert sent him a letter on October 1st which said that he was willing to make Claude a partner in his coffee maker business if Claude was willing to put up 5000 Claude received that letter on October 6th and wrote back the same day saying he would love to get involved in the business and would send Albert a certified cheque for 5000 as soon as the bank had transferred the money from his savings account and certified the cheque This letter was received by Albert on October 9th and the certified cheque was sent on October 8th and received on October 12th Meanwhile Albert mentioned the advertisement to Sophia and she said she would like to get into the business and would be willing to put up 8000 Albert sent another letter to Claude on October 4th which Claude received on October 7th saying Albert had changed his mind and would not be willing to have Claude as a partneraWhat is the legal term for iAlberts letter from October 1st iiAlberts letter from October 4th iiiClaudes advertisement ivClaudes letter of October 6th bDiscuss whether Albert and Claude have a contract or whether Albert is free to enter into a partnership with Sophia3 marks Suppose Alberts letter of October 1st has said that there would be no commitment by him to any arrangement with Claude unless and until he
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