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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

ADMS 2610 SECTIONS F AND A EXERCISES PART 3QUESTION 1 CONTRACTSaA has just offered to buy Bs boat for2000000In telling A he accepts the offer B also tells him that the boat is in great condition something that B knows is not trueWhen the contract is prepared it only refers to the boat and not Bs statement Of course when A gets the boat he finds it in need of substantial repairsA wants to return the boat and get his money backAdvise A providing your reasonsstbOn June 1 A and B agree that A in Montreal will ship shark fins for shark fin soup to B in England at a fixed price by August 1stThe goods are shipped from Toronto on July th26 and while they are in transit there is an unexpected blockade of the goods by an organization which is against slaughtering of sharks which forces As ship to stay in a stport in Spain preventing delivery to England on August 1A now wants to know whether his obligations are at an endAdvise A with your reasonscsame facts as in b but this time As ship has found a way around the blockade by taking a different route to get the goods to B in England at a cost equal to 25 of the contract priceAdvise A with your reasonsstdOn January 1 John enters into a contract with George whereby Geo
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