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Lecture 4

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

2610January 22 2014Capacity1 minor anyone in Canada under 18necessary goods food shelterthe minor cannot get out of the contract non necessary goods ipod watchesthe minor having the option of terminating the contract as long as they return the stuff in the same state of purchase2 drunken individuals enter contract when impaired have option of terminating the contract but must be done immediately 3 mental incompetentsmental capacity is low dont understand the nature of quality around them they have the option of bringing the contract to an end contract is voidable 4 corporationlegal entity given by the statue as a natural personenter into a contract in its own name sue sued in its own name5 labour unionscollective agreement employer of some kind hire number of individuals to unionize6 licensed vs non licensedcontract is binding when they are licensed plumberunlicensed dont have to pay but pay for the fees being charged but the supplies they hadLegalitya contract must be legal cannot be contrary to law or public policyRequirements of form and writing Simple vs formal contracts specific form attached to it with witnesses who sought the contractformal contractsimple contract is between 2 individuals individual and corporation individual and governmentParole evidence rule
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