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The Law of Property - Chapter 21 - The Law of Bailment

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Sam Ling

Part 5The Law of Property ADMS 2610LingSession 9 Chapter 21The Law of BailmentOverviewNature of bailmento Bailmento Bailoro Baileeo Subbailmento Liability Types of bailmento Bailment for rewardo Bailment for repair or serviceNature of BailmentBailmento Transfer of a chattel by the owner to another for some purpose with the chattel to be later returned or dealt with in accordance with the owners instructionso Special arrangement between a person bailor who owns or lawfully possesses a chattel and another person bailee who is given possession of the chattel for a specific purposeo Bailorthe owner of a chattel who delivers possession of the chattel to another in bailmento Baileethe person who takes possession of a chattel in a bailmentThree elements o Delivery of goods by the bailoro Possession of the good by bailee for a specific purpose o Return of the goods to the bailor at the later time or the disposition of the goods according to the bailors wishesSubbailment o Bailee becomes the subbailor and someone else becomes subbailee Requires permission of bailor Allowed under a common custom or practice of a tradeBailorBailee RelationshipDelivery
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