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Special Legal Rights and Relationships - Chapter 33 - Restrictive Trade Practices

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ADMS 2610
Sam Ling

Part 6Special Legal Rights and Relationships ADMS 2610LingSession 10 Chapter 33Restrictive Trade PracticesOverviewIntroductionNature of the legislation o Investigation o Competition tribunal Restrictive trade practicesMergers and firms in a dominant positionConspiracies and combination sin restraint of trade o Exemptions o BidriggingOffences relating to distribution and sale of productsReviewable activities Offences relating to promotion and advertising of products Civil actions under the competition actIntroductionPremise o Forces of competition and the free market should regulate industry rather than government Control those activities that restrict or interfere with competition o Originally governed by the common lawRestraints of trade which were unreasonable or contrary to public interest were actionable at lawCompetition act o Most of the control of anticompetitive activity is found within this acto GeneralProhibits combinations or conspiracies that prevent or lessen competitionReviews mergers or monopoly actions that may operate to the detriment of the public Establishes unfair business practices Nature of the LegislationNature
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