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The Law of Propety - Chapter 23 - Interests in Land

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ADMS 2610
Sam Ling

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Part 5The Law of Property ADMS 2610LingSession 12 Chapter 23Interests in Land OverviewLesser Interests in Land o Easements o Restrictive Covenants o Possessory interests o Encroachments o FixturesTitles to Lando Joint tenancy o TenancyincommonRegistrationLesser Interests in LandEasements o A right to use the property of another usually for a particular purpose o Dominant Tenementa parcel of land to which a right of way or easement attaches for its better use o Servient Tenementa parcel of land to a rightofway or easement o Right of Waya right to pass over the land of another usually to gain access to ones propertyRestrictive Cove
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