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ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

LECTURE 5. TORTS Types of torts  Intentional- a. Assault- Threat of harm to an individual e.g. point the gun b. Battery- mere touching of the individual e.g bullet hits your head provocation c. False imprisonment- falsely holding an individual without a lawful right or excuse d. Defamation- attack on the reputation of an individual, often libel( written attack) and slander ( oral attack); it is compensable in damages. Defence to defamation- - Absolute privilege: defamation made in the parliament or provincial house or legislature. It’s an absolute defence Before court or tribunal- no damages will flow because defence is absolute. ( immunity) - Qualified privilege- ( like innocent representation)- makes a statement thinking that it’s true - Reasonable or fair comment- reporter is doing a report on an individual, the newspaper prints the story, ( which is an attack on the person A), if the reporter did his due diligence ( fair information as per proper research) He must give the person A (the person whose reputation is being attack), an opportunity to respond. Whether they respond or not, the reporter and the newspaper are protected from any litigation charges e. Tresspass- interference with someone’s land or personal property Land- trespass- when someone goes onto another without consent or with consent but does not get off the land when asked to. Ontario trespass act Fine upto $500 If people trespass onto someones elses land and hurts himself, the owner cannot be sued. Exception: Trap: Intentional trap:A places a trap in the land and causes injury to B Unintentional Trap: A has the responsibility to check his land for any natural traps that may cause injury to B Property ( chattels)- conversion. - Deceit/Fraud- statement that is made recklessly and carelessly. - Injurious false statement- makes lousy goods or its principles or owners employ children. You basically don’t want to have anything to do with the company  Unintentional a. Nuisance- interference with the enjoyment of ones land. A owns land, and B pickets A’s property Flow of harm from one property to another property causing damage. Sound, smell, dust or residue that settles onto the prope
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