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ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

ADMS2610 Session 10 Chapter 28 (pg. 543-554) Consumer Protection Legislation Types of Laws - Laws relate to the 5 basic areas o (1) Product Safety o (2) Product Quality and Performance o (3) Credit Granting o (4) Credit Reporting o (5) Business Practice - Five Different Approaches o (1) Disclosure of information o (2) Consumer rights at law o (3) Minimum Standards of safety, quality, performance o (4) Control of sellers and others  Registration or licensing o (5) Prohibition of unethical business practice Examples: - Food and Drugs Act o Controls harmful products that may cause injury or illness o No civil right of action o Strict liability and penalties for breach - Hazardous Products Act o Prohibits manufacture and sale of products of an extremely dangerous character o Deals primarily with packaging (hazard warnings) - Motor Vehicles Safety Act o Safety standards for motor vehicles and vehicle parts o Testing procedures Consumer Information - Information o Related to both safety and protection o Protects consumers from deceptive or unfair practices - Thrust o Disclosure of information  Product or service o Prohibition of false or misleading information - Example: o Weights and Measures Act  Uniform system of weights and measures applied to goods sold in Canada o Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act  Prevention of false or misleading labeling and packaging  no civil cause of action for consumers Consumer Product Quality and Performance Protection - Protection o Prohibits sellers from exemptions under the sale of goods act o Overcomes privity of contract issue - Failure to deliver reasonable performance o If proven to be less durable or satisfactory than manufacture’s claims o Not in all provinces - Lemon Laws o For autos – arbitration process - Statutory Warranties o Express warranties on goods provided by statute o Apply to the actual purchaser only or also to those who subsequently use or purchase the goods o At common law, lack of consideration and privity  Enforced even if no privity or consideration o Resemble sections of the Sale of Goods Acts o Goes beyond usually type of warranties  Durable for a reasonable period of time o Must also abide by all other warranties  Through advertising, oral, written o Act provides for remedies Consumer Protection Related to Business Practices - Itinerant Sellers (door-to-door) o Sellers of goods who sell goods at the buyers residence o High pressure/persuasive selling tactics (buyers inability to leave the
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