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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610

Elements of Law: Part One (AP/ADMS 2610 3.0) (Note: Subject to Further Revision) Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies School of Administrative Studies York University Course Director: [INSERT] Office Hours: [INSERT] Phone: [INSERT] Email: [INSERT] Area Assistant: Ms. Cynthia Shea Office: Atkinson, Room 282 Phone: (416) 736-2100, ext. 23018 Email: [email protected] Required Texts: The required text for the course is Contemporary Canadian Business Law, Principles and Cases, (2012) 10 Edition, J.A. Willes & J.H. Willes, McGraw-Hill Ryerson (Textbook) which is available in the York University Bookstore. Important Dates: Please refer to: for a list of important dates including the last date to drop the course without receiving athrade. Students who are not enrolled by September 19 , 2012 will not be admitted into the course. Please note that Course Directors cannot give permission to any student to enrol in the course at any time. 1 MID-TERM EXAM: Held During the Session Six Students who miss the mid-term exam must provide a completed "Attending Physician's Statement" within 5 business days of the mid-term to the School of Administrative Studies (Atkinson, room 282) which must include the name and phone number of a contact person who can verify the reason for absence. Failure to do so shall result in a grade of 0 for the mid-term. Please do NOT email your Attending Physicians Statement or any supporting documentation to your course director or to the School of Administrative Studies. Only original signed copies or original supporting documents will be considered acceptable. Students who for any reason do not attend the mid-term of the section they are enrolled in will not be permitted to write the mid-term. If a mid-term is written and the course is not dropped by the drop date, then the mid-term mark will count towards the final grade. 2Elements of Law: Part One (AP/ADMS 2610 3.0) Course Outline Course Description: This course is intended to provide students with the basic legal principles and frameworks that are necessary when one is operating within a business context. The course will introduce students to the fundamental building blocks of business law, contracts and torts (e.g., negligence). This will be followed by a discussion of the legal aspects of the different forms of business organization including: sole proprietorships; partnerships; and corporations. Other important areas of business law to be covered include: employment law; consumer law; competition law; environmental law; bailment; real estate law (including mortgages); as well as intellectual property. The course is not designed to turn students into lawyers, but to provide them with the basic knowledge and understanding of legal principles so that they are more fully aware of the legal implications
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