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ADMS 3015
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COMN Studies Lecture 5 How do audiences play a role in mass media? Ex. Jerry Springer • Rowdy • Engaged Audiences play a role in encoding and decoding Audiences are something that receives media messages Effect theories and how they work Recall: direct effects, pre WWII 1. Advertisers try to get into your brain,  in order to buy their products 2. Propaganda  gov’t trying to convince people 3. Network of influence  influencing you When we use media, it can influence Klapper argued about selective perception  Archie Bunker, a show in the 1970s, depicted a racist, sexist character  Used the show to challenge those social issues Media message can facilitate change  Archie bunker facilitate change  Makes people realize he is not a good character Media can also work against change Media can have political effects  ex. Media uncovering a policital scandal Two step flow Opinion leader (ex. A celebrity you look up to) who shapes the way information flows Uses and gratifications “Instead of asking what the media do with audiences” What the audiences do for the media What does the audience get out of media? Information, communication You are getting a kind of gratification from these uses Media cultivates things/mean world syndrome  Mean world syndrome" is a term coined by George Gerbner to describe a phenomenon whereby violence-related content of mass media makes viewers believe that the world is more dangerous than it actually is Media is good at reinforcing things  Reinforcing and maintaining status quo When something bad happens, music gets blamed  Ex. Columbine shooting, Marilyn Manson blamed You have to look at a person who is violent  Actual violent people are disengaged with media Moral panic – the panic caused by media and society  Gauntlet says don’t start with the people Music and race Ex. Ice-T’s controversial song “Cop Killer”  Hip Hop was an attack on the African American community  Music that challenges oppression, government etc.  The status quo is potentially dangerous Violence and children  What claims are we making?  Two things that are correlation d
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