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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3020
Etan Lasri

• Problem Description and assessment • The process that structures the flow of work doesn’t have a supportive communication framework to enforce the process and leads the staff towards full compliance. • Causes & Effects analysis: Causes: Personal Issues Effective communication in a workplace is based on professional correspondence designed to assist in the daily operation of the company or the continued growth of the organization. When employees allow personal issues to affect company communication, a communication problem develops that could take a long time to track down and resolve. People who refuse to communicate based on a personal disagreement are damaging the company's ability to do business and slowing the growth of the organization. Lack of Feedback One-way communication can become an ineffective way to exchange information throughout the company. Employees and managerial staff should provide feedback at all times to improve the quality of information disseminated and the manner in which the information is delivered. For example, if a department tends to send out information in a format confusing to other people in the company, then that department needs to be informed of its communication problems immediately or else the information coming from that group will always pose a communication challenge. New Hires When new employees are brought into the organization, they need to receive a comprehensive introduction into the proper ways to communicate throughout the organization. Companies that do not include communication training in their new-hire orientation programs will be forced to struggle with new hires who are forced to learn proper communication procedures by a process of hit and miss. Effects on the business and personnel Tension, misunderstandings and conflicts amongst staff Anegative side effect of the defeciency in communication at the company is workplace conflict. This conflict is created when incomplete instructions are relayed from an employee to another, but the first employee does not realize they are incomplete, then anger resulting from the incomplete instructions would be directed at that employee, who deosn't understand why the conflict started. Morale Negative communication, whether intended or not, can have an effect on staff morale. The defeciency in communication at Stone Canoue is adding stress to the workplace that makes it difficult to develop a productive work environment, which results in delays in workflow and projects execution. Structure When there is a culture of negative communication in the workplace, it tends to have an effect on organizational structure. Communication between departments and other parts of the company is breaking down because the negative communication has degraded organizational communication to the point where it is no longer functional. This had left departments and work groups on their own to answer their own questions and develop their own methods of getting the job done. In the end, it may lead to break down in the structure of the organization. Recovery The longer Stone Canue is allowing degrading the quality of communication and teamwork in the workplace, the longer it takes for the workplace to recover and become productive. Solutions for Effective Communication Effective communication in organizations involves a commitment from the top down to communicate effectively. It's as simple--and as complex--as that. Organizations that communicate effectively expect strong communication from managers to employees, provide training and coaching to managers to help build their communication skills, have ample communication tools for use by managers and employees, and measure the effectiveness of their communication efforts Communication From Managers to Employees When senior leaders and managers in an organization are held accountable for effective communication, the difference
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