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ADMS 3351
Humayun Chaudhary

PLEASE TYPE IN THE INFORMATION and then SIGN ONCE PRINTED YORK UNIVERSITY Toronto, Ontario Assignment #1 AP/ADMS3351 3.0 Section A Prepared for Humayun Chaudhary Assignment Due Date: June 17, 2013 Fill In Information Below: Personal Work Statement I, the undersigned:  warrant that the work submitted herein is my work and not the work of others  acknowledge that we have read and understood the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty  acknowledge that it is a breach of the University Regulations to give and receive unauthorized assistance on a graded piece of work Name (typed) York Student # Signature Yuqing Liu 210582708 Assignment 1 Question 1 Chapter 3, Problem 11 page 65 a. b. The critical path is A-B-E-G. c. Duration Crashed Crash Costs Total Direct Activity Costs 18 None $0 $500 17 A $20 $520 16 E $30 $550 15 G $50 $600 14 B and D $60 $660 13 B and F $100 $760 d. To add total direct cost and total indirect cost together the lowest one is either 15 or 16 weeks at a total cost of $850. Duration Total Direct Costs Total Indirect Costs Total Costs 18 $500 $400 $900 17 $520 $350 $870 16 $550 $300 $850 15 $600 $250 $850 14 $660 $200 $860 13 $760 $100 $910 Question 2 Kristen’s Cookie Company (A) Chapter 6, page 174-175 Draw a process flow diagram and only answer first six questions under the heading of Key Questions to Answer Before You Launch the Business. DON’T answer last five questions under the heading of Questions on page 175. Flow Diagram: 1. Washing & mixing: 6mins/dozen Dishing up cookies: 2mins/dozen Baking: 10mins/dozen Cooling down: 5mins Packing: 2mins/dozen Accepting payment: 1min 6+2+10+5+2+1=26mins/dozen It will take a total of 26 minutes to fill an order (of one dozen cookies). 2. 4hrs*60mins = 240mins 240mins/ (26mins/dozen) = 9.2308 = 9 dozens 3. Me: Washing & mixing + dishing up cookies = 8mins/dozen 8mins/dozen*9 dozens= 72mins Roommate: Baking + Cooling + Packing + Accepting payment = 18mins/dozen 18mins/dozen*9 dozens= 162mins 4. If students order 3 dozen cookies then we can make 3 dozen cookies at a time for washing & mixing, store 2/3 of mixed materials in fringe. (The time putting the mixing bowl into the fringe is negligible.) Then use the 1/3 mixed materials for the rest processes; after packing one dozen fished cookies, we can go back to use the already made mixing materials, and dishing up cookies and rest of the processes to make
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