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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Kenneth Mckay

Session1: - 24hrs of training in ee - 31hrs in supervisor - 32 hrs in service - 30 hrs in non-profit - 22hrs in wholesale/retail - In us avg. 24hrs/yr - US > CAN ( 56.2 B > 4.9M - To compete = invest more in T  Training (I) of SS: not high priority, expense - S-worker = vital to success - Quebec: 1%, x1>M, obj: develop ee comp+s = prod+perf goes up : result: active plan/implement; 29-35% fastest g rate; comm part : concerns: no incent x>1%; sm comp suffer, only for med. : Payroll Training Legislation; accredited training bodies; part provided; appy grants when meeting 1%.  ISD: science model of T/D process - 3 steps: n-analysis -> design/deliver -> evaluate - Stream of ADDIE (analyzie, design/develop, instruct, evaluate) - ISD in detail: n-analysis (O->T->P) -> strat -> find alt -> training = sol? Yes -> # factors -> t- evaluate. - Evaluat e Qs: achieve obj? Did ee learn? - T = inc imp ee perf+ org effectiveness - MANY ORG FAIL: not follow ALL steps of ISD -> esp. n-analysis
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