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Chapter 8 notes Chapter 8 notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Mark Podolsky

Chapter 8: Technology-Based training methods Technology basedtraining methods:training that involvestheuseoftechnologytodeliver it.Any technology that deliverseducation or training isincluded. Contrast Traditional Training:training that doesn`t involvesthe useoftechnologytodeliver itsuchasclassroomtrainingwitha live instructor. Major types of technology based training 1. Internet: computer networksaround the worldconnected 2. Intranet: network withinan organization 3. Extranet:collaborative network that uses internet to link organizationswiththeir suppliersand customersor other organizationsthat share common goals. 4. CD-ROM:format and system for recording,strongand retrieving. 5. Electronic performancesupport system:integrated computer application that uses expert systemstohelpa user perform a task quickly without support from others 6. Electronic simulation:device that replicatesareal deviceor system 7. Multimedia:application that uses a combination oftext,graphicsand audio. 8. Teleconference: instantexchange of audio,video between 2 groups/indiv. 9. Television:transmission of TV signalsvia cableor satellitetechnology. Computerbasedtraining:training that’s deliveredthroughthecomputer for teachingjob relevant skills.Alsoknown as e learning. Instructorledtraining:part of computer based learningthatcan involvean instructor whofacilitatesortrainsonline. Maybe highly involved and leads the process.Itmaybeaselfstudyprogramandthe courseinvolvesand the instructor isavailable foranswering questions. Selfdirectedlearning:when individualstakethe initiative for learningandmanagetheir own experiences.Seek out resourcesto enhance learning.Veryflexible. Advantages:Learn at own pace,time reduced,learn tobe independent,can learn according totheir beststyle of learning. Disadvantages:may learn wrong thingswithout correction,waste time findinghelpfulmaterial,mustlearn to tolerate inefficiencies and mistakes. Asynchronous training:available to allemployees at anytime fromanywhere.Involvespostingoftext/graphics...etc. online.Combinessimulations, exercises,tests...etc. Synchronous training:live and in real time so theymust beat their computer at aspecifictime.Theseinvolvechat sessions,discussions,feed back...etc. Electronic Performance support systems:computerbased thatprovidesinformation,advice and learning experiencesto help improve performance. Providesseveraltypesofsupport including assisting,warning,advising, teaching and evaluating. -Goalisto provide any necessary aids. -Instant hep on how to perform atask. Video conferencing:linking an expert to employeesvia2waytechnology. -ideaisthat 2+people are able to see,hear and speak withone another permittingsimultaneousmeetingsindifferent locations. -Benefit isthat fellow employeesaround the countryaredoingand sharingideasaboutbestpractices. -Disadvantage: less personal attention is given totra
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