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Chapter 9 notes Chapter 9 notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Mark Podolsky

Chapter 9: Training delivery Training Delivery activities 1. Develop a lesson plan 2. Choose the trainer 3. Decide the traineeswho should attend a trainingprogram 4. Determine the trainingmaterialsand equipment required 5. Preparethe training site 6. Schedule the training program 7. Administerthe training 8. Implementthe trainingprogram Lesson plan:blueprint that outlines training programinacertainsequence. Lesson:unitofinstructionwithaspecific learningobjective. -prepared in advance and detailed. -Reflectsinteraction of content, sequence,trainer,trainee and normsoftheorganization. -Coverpage includes training objectives,classroomrequirements,materials,handouts Subjectmatter expert:someone who’sfamiliar withtheknowledge,skills and abilitiesrequired toperformatask and hassubject matter expertise. -effectivetrainersknowhow to make the materialinteresting.Theymustbeexcited and motivating. -expressive trainersaremore physically animated witheyecontact,devices,engaging...etc. Trainthetrainer:trainingprogramsthat teach subject matterexpertshowtodesign and deliver programs. Even ifthe instructor isknowledgeable though the way they deliver it makesit boring. Thisis donethroughincreasingtheuseof technology in the workplaces. When selecting participants for a training program: consider: -whocanbenefit from training -whatprogramsare required by lawor government -should the training be voluntary or compulsory -should participants be segregated by level of organizationor2+levels should bein thesame class. For serration participantsby org level or includingthem inthesame trainingsessiondependsonthecultureor the organization.The main issue isif employeesare comfortable tospeak freelywith supervisorspresent. Trainability test:measures individual ability to learn and performtrainingtaskssuccessfully. -typically done by having individualstake a minicourseonasampleoflearning. -effectivein predictingtraining successand job performance injobssuchascarpentryanddentistry. -Helpspredict what kindof remedialtraining an individualmightrequiretoprepareatrainingprogram. Trainingplan:indicateswho an organization needsintraining(hr staff),typeneeded (structured interviewing),howit willbedelivered (formalclassroom). Materials(expendable items such as notepads,pensandmarkers)whereassuppliesinclude (equipment,workbooksand manuals). Scheduling the training program:best time forbothparties?Availability ofsiteand materials? Best todoit allat once or segmented? Trainingadministration:coordination of all peopleand materialsinvolved intheprogram.Maintenance oftrainee records,schedules andcourse and materials. Employeeswhoarerequired toattend mustbenotified andenrolled in the program. Suppliesrequired must be ordered. Implementing the training program: Learningclimate
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